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Safe Handling
Hybrid Workshop

Bring the Shelter Playgroup Alliance
safe handling workshop
to your shelter! 


This educational program will elevate the behavioral knowledge of your shelter’s staff and volunteers as well as provide techniques and practice using defensive handling procedures. By elevating behavioral knowledge, staff and volunteers will better recognize risky situations and respond appropriately, minimizing the need for the use of defensive handling.

ere are a few things to consider:

  • Participants must complete six Shelter Playgroup Alliance on-line educational modules that provide an overview of canine behavior in preparation for the in-person workshop.

  • In addition to the workshop fee we ask that you provide a light breakfast, snacks, drinks (coffee, tea, water), and lunch for participants.

  • We recommend hosting the workshop on a day that your shelter is closed to the public so that your team can focus on learning the handling skills.

  • The one-day workshop will be limited to 20 people who will work in small groups of four or five. Your shelter’s staff and volunteers who have completed the on-line module are the only individuals who can participate.  If you have more than 20 people that should complete the workshop, we can schedule multiple days for the hands-on portion.

  • Please review the materials needed (see table in the overview pdf). If there are items that you don’t already have in shelter, please let us know so that we can supply those for the workshop.

Cost: $4,000 - $10,000 depending on number of days and estimated travel costs

Requesting a workshop for your shelter: Please send an email to Mara Velez,
to request a meeting to set-up the details for your shelter.

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