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Canine Assessment of Risk for Shelters (CARS)
Workshop Structure

Program overview:  This series of educational modules will prepare participants to effectively use the Canine Assessment of Risk for Shelters (CARS) tool.

Cohort structure: Learners will join a cohort (maximum 40 participants) that will meet virtually for four months via the Litmos LMS platform. Each cohort will be invited to live meetings via Zoom so that questions can be answered live and cases discussed.

Prerequisite: Participants must demonstrate significant knowledge of canine communication signals via a pre-assessment. If the pre-assessment is not passed, the participant will be enrolled in select courses on canine communication to complete before moving forward to the CARS modules.

Materials: The Canine Assessment of Risk for Shelters (CARS) book is required for this course. A digital copy of the book will be provided to registrants. Paperback and e-book versions are available via

Registration process: Individuals interested in joining each cohort must submit payment via the Shelter Playgroup Alliance website to begin the enrollment process.  Each cohort will be limited to 40 participants.  Participants may register at any time for the next start date.  Sessions will begin on February 1st and September 1st. Registrations received after the start date will be enrolled in the next cohort (e.g., a registration received on February 2nd will be enrolled in the following cohort starting September 1st).

$250 for individuals
$525 for shelter or rescue groups of three
$1,500 for shelter or rescue groups of 10

Completion time frame: Learners will be expected to complete approximately 1.5 modules per week during the 16 week period (four months), which will require 60-90 minutes per week. All of the modules must be completed to earn CEUs and/or a certificate of completion. The total seat time per week represents a combination of reviewing the modules, completing assessments, and completing assignments.

Learner A
greement: Each learner must sign an agreement stating that they will agree to the discussion rules, not screen record the sessions or content, nor use any of the materials provided for their own financial gain without prior written consent. Violation of the learner agreement will result in immediate account deactivation.

CPDT: 25.5 CEUs | IAABC: 27 CEUs

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