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Canine Assessment of Risk for Shelters (CARS)

In-depth canine behavior education and training to use a framework for assessing risk level based on objective, observable behaviors.
Fair and objective assessments lead to faster outcomes and interventions for animals. Staff member knowledge and expertise is improved leading to more safe interactions with high-risk dogs. Improve safety and reduce liability at your shelter. This program is recommended for leadership teams, behavior teams, operations leadership, veterinary leadership, and any other individuals involved in outcomes decisions.

Prerequisite: Participants must demonstrate significant knowledge of canine communication signals via a pre-assessment. If the pre-assessment is not passed, the participant will be enrolled in select courses on canine communication to complete before moving forward to the CARS modules.

Materials: The Canine Assessment of Risk for Shelters (CARS) book is required for this course. A digital copy of the book will be provided to registrants. Paperback and e-book versions are available via

Registration process: Individuals interested in joining each cohort must submit payment via the Shelter Playgroup Alliance website to begin the enrollment process.  Each cohort will be limited to 40 participants.  Participants may register at any time for the next start date.  Sessions will begin on February 1st and September 1st. Registrations received after the start date will be enrolled in the next cohort (e.g., a registration received on February 2nd will be enrolled in the following cohort starting September 1st).

$250 for individuals
$525 for shelter or rescue groups of three
$1,500 for shelter or rescue groups of 10

CPDT: 25.5 CEUs | IAABC: 27 CEUs

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