We provide education and consulting on developing and implementing shelter enrichment programs, including inter-dog playgroups.  You can download a copy of our inter-dog interaction guidelines to assess if following these guidelines are right for your organization.  If your organization would like assistance in implementing the guidelines, please contact us so that we can connect you with one of our consultants. Shelter Playgroup Alliance consultants are certified animal trainers, behavior consultants, and shelter behavior experts.  Download a one-page overview of our offerings.


A Shelter Playgroup Alliance consultant will conduct an enrichment needs analysis for your shelter on which enrichment strategies are most appropriate for your shelter, followed by training for staff and volunteers so that the implementation of the enrichment program is sustainable at your shelter.


For example, a training at your shelter may include several on-line meetings with the Shelter Playgroup Alliance consultant to identify opportunities to include several types of enrichment, or an on-site visit to identify appropriate enrichment for your shelter.  Once identified, a customized training plan may include a two-, three- or four-day training plan.  The number of days and topics will vary from shelter to shelter.  Click here for sample two- and three-day workshop agendas.

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