Learn with the Shelter Playgroup Alliance!  We offer on-line and in-person education.


Learn to manage playgroups using the LIMA ethical standard and use conspecific interactions for behavior modification via our series of on-line educational modules and an in-person handling workshop.

What are people saying about our workshops?

“We hosted Shelter Playgroup Alliance's Mara Velez who started us out talking about kennel and out of kennel enrichment as a foundation for a good shelter enrichment program, then we looked at dog body language in dog interactions, we did some live introductions, and we spent a day facilitating dog-interactions using their recommended process.  


This is really good stuff. All you shelter peeps should contact SPA for the opportunity to have them conduct a seminar for your shelter. SPA is a nonprofit org.


Mara is very experienced and fluent in shelter behavior. Very worthwhile!”


Kellie Snider, Director of Behavior Services, Humane Animal Rescue, Pittsburgh, PA




“My shelter just had the absolute pleasure of spending the past four days with Mara Velez of the Shelter Playgroup Alliance. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so! Mara was so much fun and all of my friends, colleagues, staff and volunteers just keep asking when can we have them back.”


Dot Baisly, Director of Behavior, Northeast Animal Services, Salem, MA




Everyone really enjoyed and has been raving about how long we've been wanting to get a training like this.  You guys were amazing and really gave us some valuable tools. Thanks again! 


Jamie Romeo, Volunteer, Humboldt County Animal Shelter, McKinleyville, CA