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Host a 3-day
in-person workshop

Due to our very limited financial and human resources, the Shelter Playgroup Alliance will provide one minimal cost three-day handling workshop per year. The value of this workshop is approximately $17,000 and expenses for our team to travel for this workshop will be absorbed by SPA. As such, we look to maximize the impact for this educational offering by preferring to travel to host shelters where we can fill the maximum of 20 seats. We will prioritize shelters in areas that are close to where there are many graduates from our CORE program.


Your benefit:

  1. Avoiding travel costs for staff to attend the workshop in another location.

  2. Education and discussion of adjustments relative to your specific location for safe handling, behavior modification, and playgroups.


Your costs:

  1. Host shelters agree to provide a light breakfast, snacks, and a healthy lunch to 20 participants and up to 6 Shelter Playgroup Alliance facilitators.



  1. Your shelter cannot charge anyone for anything, period. This is not a no-cost workshop nor an opportunity for your shelter to gain financially.

  2. Only participants who have completed the entire core program can participate.


Shelters who wish to host this three-day workshop can apply via this form.

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