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Program overview:  The CORE hybrid program is for shelters who can invest in the education of their team in order to develop a comprehensive enrichment and behavior modification program.  This program is for shelters and rescues who would like to implement the Shelter Playgroup Alliance guidelines at their organization and would like hands-on guidance. Multiple shelters in the same area can pool resources for a shared program.


We recommend that shelters consider this program for at least 30-50 participants (staff and volunteers).

The CORE hybrid consists of educational modules which will prepare participants to implement a comprehensive enrichment program, manage playgroups using the LIMA ethical standard, and develop a shelter-based behavior modification program. This hybrid workshop features a three-day, in-person workshop
during which participants build toward fluency in the skills learned in the on-line portion.

Costs are dependent on location and number of individuals who will participate in the program.  Reach out to mara @ to find out more!

CPDT: 30 CEUs | IAABC: 36 CEUs (on-line)

CPDT: 16 CEUs | IAABC: 16 CEUs (in-person)

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