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Overview: COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and all associated variants of concern, still poses a health risk to our communities.  These guidelines attempt to minimize risk while maximizing the benefits of in-person education and community building.


Guideline 1: The event will be in-person for a limited number of participants, and simultaneously live-streamed to maximize the ability of our community to access the educational information.  The venue will be at half-capacity or less.


Guideline 2: All persons who attend the live event must show proof of vaccination. Individuals who have been vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna rNA vaccines, must demonstrate that they have received at least two doses. Individuals who have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca or Janssen adenovirus-vectored vaccines must demonstrate that they have received at least one dose. Per CDC guidelines, a booster is highly recommended and preferred.  These requirements may change as guidelines evolve.


Guideline 3: All persons who attend the live event must demonstrate that they are not shedding virus on each day of the conference.  This will be demonstrated by a negative rapid antigen test that is taken not more than two hours prior to entry.  These rapid antigen tests are approximately $12-15 per test and are to be purchased or sourced by the participant and will not be provided by Shelter Playgroup Alliance.  FDA-approved tests include BinaxNOW, QuickVue, and On/Go.  If you have a positive test regardless of symptoms, you will be issued a “streaming ticket” for that day and subsequent days.


Guideline 4: All persons who attend the live event must wear a securely-fitted mask at all times while indoors.  We prefer N95 masks or multi-layer cloth masks with a surgical mask.


Guideline 5: All persons who attend the live event must eat and drink outside. The conference room is adjacent to an outside area next to a marina. Several doors can be kept open so that participants can eat and/or drink while still listening to the presentations.


Guideline 6: To increase room ventilation, since reduction of infection is linked to increased air flow, as many doors as possible will be kept open. We recommend that participants plan ahead and bring additional layers of clothing to be comfortable during the conference.


Guideline 7: To increase social distancing, there will be a maximum of three persons seated at each table. Exceptions will be made for groups from the same shelter who work closely together or close friends who are in a shared “bubble.”

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